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In May 2023, our company will go to Germany to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition we participated in was CWIEME in Berlin, Germany. The show will connect more than 2,000 engineering, procurement and R&D professionals with more than 450 suppliers of components, raw materials and processing machinery in more than 5,000 sessions. Participants can quickly and efficiently meet the people you want to meet, and discover new organizations and create incredible opportunities.


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TUESDAY, 23 MAY: 09:00 – 18:00

WEDNESDAY, 24 MAY: 09:00 – 18:00

THURSDAY, 25 MAY: 09:00 – 16:00


Company Profile

Zhengzhou LP Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. The company is headquartered in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China's largest transportation hub. After more than 20 years of development, the company is now the largest magnet wire manufacturer in northern China, with an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 tons , The company covers an area of 600 mu, has more than 700 employees, including more than 80 engineering management personnel, and an investment of 800 million yuan in fixed assets. Production and testing equipment are imported from Italy and France, and the company fully implements ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. All products adopt IEC, GB, JIS, NEMA production standards, and some products have passed the American UL certification.

LP Industry has been working in the R&D and production of electromagnetic wires since its establishment. It is one of the eight suppliers of domestic transformer recommended electromagnetic wires for transformers jointly certified by China Machinery Industry Federation and State Grid Corporation of China. It has participated in the formulation of national electromagnetic wire standards. The company chooses high-quality SMM Copper and Chilean 3C electrolytic copper plates, as well as Chinalco aluminum rods as raw materials. Melting-rolling-extrusion-drawing-enamelling-wrapping perfect process. Strict control ensures the stability and consistency of the quality of the electromagnetic wire. Raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products are all inspected piece by piece, and comprehensive sampling inspection is carried out before leaving the factory. At the same time, traceable production quality records have been established.

LP Industry meets the development requirements of customers, continuously develops new electromagnetic wire products, and is committed to providing world-class electromagnetic wire products for transformers, motors, new energy vehicles and other fields, and makes unremitting efforts for the goal.


Main Products

1.Rectangular Aluminum Magnetic Wire


Usage of Rectangular Aluminum Magnetic Wire:

Flat aluminium enameled wire is used in manufacturing ARC welding machines. it is applicable to all types of large and medium-sized electrical machinery, transformer , generator, electrical motor windings, exhaust fan, Air-conditioner, washing-machine, compressor, deflection yoke etc.


Product types of flat aluminium transformer winding wire:

1) Polyester enameled aluminum wire, class 130

2) Modified polyester aluminium magnet wire, class 155

3) Polyesterimide enameled aluminum wire, class 180

4) Polyester (imide) coated with polyamide-imide enameled aluminum wire, class 200

5) Polyimide enameled aluminum wire, class 220


The advantages of Flat enameled aluminium wire

a. Compared with the copper enameled wire, enamelled aluminum magnet wire is easier to winding, also there is a solid oxide film on the surface of enameled aluminum wire, which make it has a good insulating effect, a long life.

b. Due to the good insulating effect of aluminum film layer, its heat-resistant temperature can be 20 degrees higher than the copper wire

c. The greatest benefit of using aluminum is that it is 1 / 3 lighter than copper which significantly lower the production costs, second it can attach to the solids easily, and third it can also reduce the freight and transportation during the operation.


2. Enameled Round Aluminum Wire



Enameled Round Aluminum Wire is widely used in transformer of microwave oven, three-phase power transformer, rectifier, degaussing coil of large screen color TV set, kitchen motors, magnetic mineral separating equipment, spare parts for automobile, wire and cable, etc. Transformer aluminum enamelled wire is normally used for transformer winding, also called aluminum winding wire


Enameled Round Aluminum Wire is made of aluminum conductor and UEW, PEW, EIW, EI/AIW insulation materials; Spool materials: plastic, wooden.



Excellent bending property

High flexibility of the enamel

Good resistance to abrasion

High mechanical property

Higher thermal property

Good resistance to refrigerant and freon

Suitable for windings that are subjected to constantly high temperature and mechanical stress

Good chemical resistance

Outstanding mechanical and chemical property


3. Aluminium foil for transformer winding


Aluminium foil for transformer winding have very high conductivity and thermal conductivity, their conductivity is up to about 60%IACS, and forming, welding and corrosion resistance are very good, so it can well meet the performance requirements of aluminum foil for transformer.


Transformer aluminium foil can be used for variable transformer like low or high voltage transformer winding, high frequency transformer,step up or down voltage transformer etc. The alloy can be used to meet the minimum industry requirements for strip conductor, is closely controlled to assure smooth, substantially burr-free edges and strip-size avail-abilities are in capacities exactly equivalent to those of standard copper wire sizes.


In dry type transformers, aluminum winding have been commonly used. Aluminum strip can replace copper conductor in distribution transformers.



For example, the principal advantage to using aluminum foil rather than copper in transformers is the reduction in weight. The density of copper is .32117 lbs. per cubic inch while that of aluminum is .09765 lbs. per cubic inch. For a given winding volume, the aluminum winding would weigh one-third the weight of the copper. However, aluminum has only 60% the conductivity of copper. If the winding volume is increased by 40% to raise the aluminum conductivity to that of copper, it still leaves the aluminum coil weighing only 42% of the equivalent copper coil.


4. Rectangular Enamelled Copper Winding Wire


LP Industry has the capability to produce larger transformer wires in sizes up to 22mm in width down to the smaller insulated ribbon with a thickness starting around 2mm and typically found in pancake coils. The flat enamelled copper wires are available in over 300 different dimensions from 2.0 x 0.8 to 22.0 x 8.0 mm. Copper conductor and UEW, PEW, EIW, EI/AIW insulation materials; thermal class: 120(Class E), 180(Class H), 200(Class C), 220(Class C+), 240(Class HC), Standard: IEC, NEMA, JIS, GB.


Magnet wire types can be quite varied but will include the following features: (a) uniformity of insulation, (b) good electrical properties like dielectric strength and insulation resistance, (c) resistance to mechanical stress, (d) resistance to chemicals, solvents, and encapsulating varnishes, (e) thermal resistance, and (f) long thermal life.


5. Enameled Round Copper Wire


Enameled Round Copper Wire is made of copper conductor and enamel materials, which is a principal component of transformers, inductors, motors, and other electrical devices.


The enamel is typically a polymer film that provides a tough continuous layer of insulation. Resins used in the development of enamels are designed with wire properties in mind like abrasion resistance, solderability, and thermal rating. Enameled wires are engineered to meet temperature classes from 105 to 240°C guaranteeing service life at rated temperature for 20,000 hours. Except the round enameled wire, we also product the enameled flat copper wire.


LP industry also can produce the IEC60317, NEMA MW1000, JIS C3202 standard magnet wire, tha application

1. 120 degree normally used for oil-immersed transformer

2. 130, 155, 180 degree round enameled wire are widely used in all kinds of magnet coil

3. 200 degree round enameled wire works constantly in high temperature

4. 240 degree round enameled wire for magnet coils of aviation, military and marine application



We still have a lot of products, waiting for you to come to the site to discover. Looking forward to reaching a good cooperation with you. see you then! Welcome to visit our booth and learn about our products in May.

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