Little New Year-- Worship Kitchen God

December 23 of the Lunar Calendar is Chinese Little New Year.There are many of the customs in addition to people ceremony in Little New Year. Such as Spring dust, stick couplets, cut window, bath and hair, and marriage held, etc. It can be said that off year is the prelude of the Spring Festival. This time is known as "early spring day" by the folk people. The most interesting is worshiping the kitchen god.


As the legend goes, there is a kitchen god in each house who is responsible for the kitchen and oversees the conduct of the family. On this day, the kitchen god returns to Heaven to report the conducts of the family to the Emperor of Heaven. Therefore, worshiping the kitchen god aims to “please him.” People put out some sweet and sticky foods, such as rice dumplings and malted sugar. In this way, the lips of the kitchen god will stuck together, and he cannot report any wrong doings of the family. Thus the family can lead an auspicious life.

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