Special Technique of Double Fiber Glass Covered Wire

Zhengzhou LP Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional fiber glass covered wires’ manufacturers. Many customers have questions about the use of double fiber glass covered wire. Now Zhengzhou LP Industry Co., Ltd will explain its production process and characteristics.

According to the market research , double fiber glass covered wire apply to fiberglass and polyester fiber composite wrapping. One advantage can reduce the insulation thickness. On the other hand, in the high-temperature baking process, many domestic manufacturers have gradually adopted the technology to produce packages line, and achieved good results.

Fiber glass covered aluminum wire is according to customer requirements, on the aluminum conductor wrapped 1-2 layers E-glass fibers, with the desired temperature index and compatibility impregnated adhesive paint baking process. And then the glass fibers , between the conductor and the glass fibers bond into a whole. The insulating layer has a certain resistance to abrasion, adhesion, softness and voltage resistance. And fiber glass covered aluminum wire has good thermal overshoot and overload performance. It generally applies to high, low, medium and high capacity motor winding line of electrical products.

Usually double fiber glass covered wire has insulation thickness and poor mechanical strength .But using glass fiber and polyester fiber composite wrapping can reduce the insulation thickness.At the same time, in the high-temperature baking process, the molten polyester fibers to get stuck between the glass fiber more solid, substantial increase in the adhesion and mechanical strength of the insulating layer. Polyester filament glass package cold air core wire is using this hybrid fiber wrap-line method, now in volume production. Many domestic manufacturers have gradually adopted the technology to produce envelope, and achieved good results.

Through our introduction, everyone will have a brief knowledge about double fiber glass covered wire. If you have interest in our double fiber glass covered wire, please contact us.

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