Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Typically evaporation condensation cured paint and solvents in the magnet wire production process is the same time. And solvent evaporation can bring out some amount of the smell and air pollution. With the production growth, environment friendly has been more and more concerned by residents and environmental protection departments. So it has become a current topic faced to businesses.

Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection has become a hot topic of magnet wire industry. Currently energy saving has become the focus of the work of the Chinese government. According to the plan energy consumption per unit of GDP, "Eleventh Five-Year" period will be reduced by 20% in the resource, and 10% reduction in emissions of pollutants.

At the request of environment, magnet wire industry should also attach great importance to solve the high temperature exhaust gas pollution.

This is the energy saving requirements for the share of magnet wire industry by Zhengzhou LP Industry Co., Ltd hoping to help some friends.

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