Class B Class F Class H Enameled Wire

When we choose magnet wire in electrical steel market, we will find the that when the owner of enameled wire will often ask us to choose what level of enameled wire. What is the level or class? Enameled wire according to its intended use actual selection of different materials and production process are not the same. Our common enameled wire according to the level can be divided into Class B enameled wire, Class F enameled wire, Class H enameled wire. Here we'll introduce the differences and application of these types according to different levels.

What do these levels represent in the end? These levels represent this real magnet wire thermal class. Everyone knows it is important that magnet wire need to finish stable work in a different stable environment. It is also an important distinguish element to define different types of levels.

Class B polyester enameled wire: heat level is 130 ℃, which is our most common magnet wire, widely used applications. Whether it is our daily life or business motors, transformers are based on a kind of magnet wire.

Class F modified polyester enamelled wire: the heat temperature is 155 ℃. Compared to conventional polyester enameled wire, it has higher heat resistance, better abrasive resistance and better solvent resistance. It often used electrical motors in high heat and it used in electric motors, motors applies in our daily lives.

Class H polyester-imide enameled wire: heat level can be reached 180 ℃. It has excellent heat resistance and thermal shock resistance. It suitable for high speed automated routing. We often apply to high-speed and high-frequency electrical appliances. 

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