Xiaomi SU7 New Energy Vehicle Employs Flat Enameled Winding Wires

 Xiaomi SU7 New Energy Vehicle Employs Flat Enameled Winding Wires

With the global emphasis on environmental protection and energy transformation, the new energy vehicle industry is rising rapidly. Among them, the emergence of flat enameled wires technology has brought revolutionary changes to new energy vehicles.

Flat magnet wire technology is a new type of magnet wire structure that improves the transmission efficiency of electric energy and the operating efficiency of the motor by changing the cross-sectional shape and insulation layer material of the magnet wire. It plays a vital role in new energy vehicles and is mainly used in the stator windings of drive motors. In addition, electromagnetic wires are also used in generators, compressors, ignition coils and other components, playing an important role in improving the cruising range, acceleration performance and braking effect of new energy vehicles.

Xiaomi SU7 new energy vehicle employs flat electromagnetic wires. It adopts the industry's better pin type flat wire winding design, and the stator and rotor pole slots of 54 slots and 6 poles are matched. The slot full rate skyrocketed to 77%, and the iron loss rate was significantly reduced by 25%, resulting in a 0.3% increase in overall motor efficiency.

The flat shape design allows the flat winding wires to be flexibly arranged and installed according to different vehicle structures and space constraints, improving the space utilization of the entire vehicle and better adapting to the design requirements and performance needs of new energy vehicles.

The high conductivity and high utilization rate of flat enameled wires make energy transmission and conversion more efficient, effectively reducing electrical energy losses and economic costs.

Compared with traditional magnet wires, the application of flat electromagnetic wires reduces energy consumption to a certain extent, reduces dependence on petrochemical energy, promotes the sustainable development of the new energy automobile industry, and slows down environmental pollution and climate change.

We, LP Industry, have been focusing on the magnet wire industry for over 30 years. In 2023, we built three new production lines specifically to produce flat electromagnetic wires to serve the new energy automobile industry. At present, we have reached in-depth cooperation with BYD. We hope to continue to contribute to the new energy vehicle industry.

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