The Proper Management of Reels on Installation Sites

The Proper Management of Reels on Installation Sites
LP industry has been in the magnet wire field since 1993. With years’ experience, we would like to share you a set of guidelines for properly managing reels on installation sites, which includes warnings to unload, store and load the reels.

---Unloading and Loading Reels
1. Read carefully the sheets with the precautions on the reels
2. Unloading coils by using the lift sling, or this operation can damage the reels
3. Handle the reels on axis. Parallel to the ground and vertical to the sling
4. Place the reels on dry and flat ground
5. Fix all the nuts before loading the reels
6. Load the empty reels by using the lift sling

---Handling Reels on Sites
1. Tighten all the nuts before using the reels
2. Remove the slats by using the special slot before stringing the rope
3. Remove the fixing before stringing

---Storing Empty Reels
The empty reels must be stored on dry and flat floor

Hope these guidelines are helpful in handling winding wire reels for you. LP industry has been trying to supply you quality products as well as professional solutions about enameled wires.

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