Directions about Magnet Wire Types

Directions about Magnet Wire Types
Wire for winding used in electrical equipment is generally called magnet wire. Magnet wire has two broad categories: enameled wire that is of coating insulation, covered conductor wire that is of fiber/film insulation, and combinations thereof.

Magnet Wire Common Features
There are some important features of magnet wire:
1. Uniformity and degree of insulation
2. Good electrical properties of dielectric strength and insulation resistance
3. Coating resistance to mechanical stress of bending, stretching, and friction, etc.
4. Resistance to heat, solvents, chemicals, varnishes, hydrolytic degradation, water and moisture
5. Stable performance when used with insulation materials

Specific Types of Magnet Wire
  Enameled wire Covered conductor wire
Based on conductor materials Enameled copper wire, Enameled aluminum wire Covered copper wire, Covered aluminum wire
Based on conductor shapes The conductor shape of the finished magnet wire can be round, square, and flat as required
Tips: 1. For some special uses, the ultra fine magnet wire need to be produced. 2.To take advantages of the conductivity of copper while gaining the weight savings of aluminum, copper-clad aluminum wire can be used.

enameled copper and aluminum wire

Types of Covered Conductor Wire

1. Glass fiber covered wire
It used to have weak coating strength of abrasion resistance, shock resistance, and flexibility. But these disadvantages has been improved significantly, and the demand of this magnet wire is increasing for its excellent uniformity and electrical properties under high temperature and humidity. The covering material of glass fiber covered wire can be the combination of insulation varnish and glass fiber.
2. Paper covered wire
Paper covered wire has perfect performance when used in oil industry such as transformer oil.
3. Aromatic polyimide tape covered wire
It has far superior electrical characteristics and coating flexibility and higher space factor than that of glass fiber covered wire, and it is totally capable of meeting class-H heat resistance requirements. It is mainly used for electric motors in vehicles, large direct current machines and dry transformer. However it is costly.
4. Aromatic polyimide paper covered wire
It is manufactured by taping heat resistance polyimide paper around wire. Its space factor is inferior to aromatic polyimide tape covered wire but superior to glass fiber covered wire. And it is almost equal to
glass fiber covered wire in terms of electrical characteristics and coating flexibility.
5. Mica tape covered wire
It is produced by taping a tape in which reconstituted mica is glued to a polyester tape. It is superior to glass-fiber covered wire in terms of space factor, so it can be used in small-sized rotating machines as substitutes for glass-fiber covered wire. It is inferior to glass-fiber covered wire in high-pressure corona resistance, so some special consideration is necessary for insulation when used in high-pressure equipment.
6. Oxidation film covered wire
It is manufactured by covering a layer of silica as oxidation film to deliver insulation effect.

paper and glass fiber covered wire

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