Magnet Wire and the Quality of Motors

Product quality of magnet wire in the motor is the key factor to determine the quality of motor products. And in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, people must have a high-performance magnet wire material to improve the working environment .

Main motor parts which are usually required insulating coating part is the rotor, the stator and the rotor magnetic wire. And the general use of conventional magnet wire is enameled wire.

In general, solvent-based coatings have a significant impact on the environment and cause serious waste of resources and environmental pollution.

That is to say, the insulting purpose is reached through surface paint coating line. But with increasingly demanding of environment, people are constantly looking for an alternative way of painting. Powder coatings occupy an increasingly important position in electronic insulating material of the electrical motors, widely used in motors and electronic products, high-voltage electrical appliances, automotive industries, as well as aviation engineering and other fields.

But powder coating product in the in magnet wire insulation coatings field is still in its infancy. And it has little product variety and it has big difference comparing with polyimide products which is the representative of solvent-based coatings in overall performance. So this is largely constrained the promotion and application of insulating powder coatings in the field.

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