How to Strengthen the Attention of Magnet Wires’ Material

As we all know that enamelled copper wire production requires the use of high-quality copper, and this is more important for the wire. And oxygen-free copper rods and copper rods electrician tough which now widely used due to the different manufacturing techniques led to its drawing and annealing characteristics difference.

Conclusion according to the present study is that these magnet wires which demand high flexibility advise copper rods recommended electrician tough as a conductor material. And in abroad, for enameled flat wire and fine copper rod production line electrician tough in many cases also by planing process. At the same time, in order to reduce the break, a lot of the company will apply for copper alloys containing small amounts of other metals as ingredients conductor material when product fine wire..

Despite the importance of conductor quality has been recognized as more and more companies, the rational use of drawing equipment, as well as continuous monitoring of the lubricating fluid, the mold matching and maintenance and other links are still well short of the follow-up process like that the degree of attention.

Overseas studies show enameled surface quality problems and defects caused by the film continuity reasons and 10% from copper wire drawing process, and this is sufficient to explain the importance of applied research on the conductor material.

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