Enameled Wire Industry Development of China(1)

What is enameled wire?
Enameled wire regards as winding for electromagnetic coil using insulation paint as an insulating coating, also known as magnet wire. Enameled wire is the main raw materials for electromagnetic windings of electrical, electronics, household appliances, telecommunications, and electronic instruments.

The Present Situation of China’s Enameled Wire Industry
After joining the WTO, with the rapid development of industrial electronics, household appliances, telecommunications, electronic products, enameled wire has a broader applications and markets. China has become the world's manufacturing center and processing base of enameled wire. Chinese enameled wire production and sale accounts for about 30 percent of global production. Chinese production of enameled wire in the last twenty years increase more than 10% per year. It can be predicted that it will increase to about 50% and China can become a real big and strong enameled wire production.

National tiny electromagnetic enameled wire sales from 2004 to 2006 (including imports) was approximately 290,000 tons, 310,000 tons and 340,000 tons with an average annual growth rate of over 8%. Among them, the line field of the relay grow especially. The average annual sales increase of 20%. Electronic components become lighter and thinner and consumers pursue for thin and tiny electromagnetic. Because of those reasons, demand of enameled wire grows year after year. Total fine electromagnetic enameled wire’s sales in major market amounted to 460,000 tons in 2010. The average annual increase of about 9%. In 2012, this data was 544,000 tons.

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