Enameled Wire Industry Development of China(2)

Some problems in China’s enameled wire industry
Because the wide use of the relays, micro-motors, electronic transformers, solenoid valves and other electronic components in automobiles, household appliances, mobile phones, computers, office supplies and other fields, fine electromagnetic enameled wire grows steadily as an important raw material for electronic components. Through years of development, China has become the largest producer and user of relays, micro motors and electronic transformers and other electronic components. But due to the gap of process, technology and equipment of international, fine enameled wire production capacity in the country is far unable to meet the demand. Chinese fine enameled wire can only have about 30% of the amount from the domestic manufacturers.

The future situation of China’s enameled wire industry
Chinese future growth on the part of local micro electromagnetic enameled demand from the market demand for natural growth, partly from import substitution, especially the development of the huge potential in the field of import substitution. According to the special committee investigation and analysis China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association Branch Wire and Cable wire, Chinese will become a truly big and strong country of enameled wire production.

Zhengzhou LP Industry Co., Ltd
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