The Notes of the Enameled Wire’s Use

Something should be confirmed before using
Before enameled wires use in winding machine, it should be careful to check enameled models, specifications whether meet the requirements, so as to avoid abnormal phenomenon before using.

Something should be careful during conveying
Because of thin layer of enameled wires, enameled wire is damaged easily by sharp objects. Therefore, the process of moving should to be careful to prevent damage caused by the collision of enameled wire.

Something should be careful during storage
During storage, maintaining the package integrity of the enameled wire is the first thing in order to prevent contamination of the packages’ breakage. The storage of enameled wire usually should be away from dust, metal chips, moisture and sunlight.

Something should be careful during the winding process

Winding process scratch: Because the surface of enameled wire is a layer of insulation, wire is scratched easily by metal objects’ corners. Therefore the winding process must pay attention to mechanical equipment parts in contact with the wire and minimize external force upon enameled wire to avoid paint damage.
Winding tension: During the winding process, the tension applied to the wire should be small as far as possible in order to minimize performance changes of enameled wire.

Removal of the film
Combustion such as the alcohol lamp burning method.
Mechanical stripping method such as the special patent leather stripper.
Chemicals treatment method such as the paint remover.

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