Can Ordinary Copper Wire Be Used as Enameled Wire?

Can Ordinary Copper Wire Be Used as Enameled Wire?

1. Are enameled wires the same as copper wires?
Enameled wire and copper wire are both wires. Many people may not be able to distinguish them clearly and sometimes confuse them, but in fact enameled wire and copper wire are different.
Enameled wire is made on the basis of copper wire. Simply speaking, enameled wire is a layer of insulator wrapped on the outside of copper wire, usually plastic. In life, copper wires are generally used as wires, which have good electrical and thermal conductivity; enameled wires are mainly used as winding wires, which are composed of conductors and insulating layers. After the bare wires are softened by annealing, they are painted several times baked.

2. Can ordinary copper wire be used as enameled wire?
Enameled wire is an important variety of winding wire, widely used in relays, micro-motors, small transformers, magnetic heads, precision instruments, coils for communication equipment, suitable for windings of transformers, generators, motors, reactors and various electrical equipment. The cables used in these fields have high requirements on mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties. Ordinary copper wires cannot meet such requirements, and ordinary copper wires have no insulation layer. If they are used as enameled wires, it will cause The instrument is damaged.

3. Are all enameled wires copper wires?
Enameled wire is a wire made by adding a layer of insulator on the basis of wire. Because copper wire is mainly used, it is also called enameled copper wire; however, not all enameled wires are copper wires, and some are made of aluminum wires. base made.

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